• Colorful Leaves:
    Steckbare Ringe: Gelbgold, Brillanten /
    Geldgold, Peridot / Rotgold, Rosaquarz /
    Weißgold, blauer Topas / Rotgold, Rubellit
  • Ohrringe, Ring: Rotgold, Brillianten,
    pinke Saphire, Chalcedon
  • Earrings: rose gold, tourmaline in red
    and petrol blue / rose gold, tourmaline
    and sapphire in green, moonstone
  • Pendant: rose gold, brilliant, amethyst
    tourmaline / mink neckband / earrings:
    rose gold, amethyst, tourmaline
  • Earrings: rose gold, mandarin garnet, rubellite /
    rose gold, moonstone, mandarin garnet,
    rose gold, mandarin garnet,
    sapphire, star moonstone / Pendant: rose gold
    brilliant, mandarin garnet, rubellite
  • Ring: rose gold
    brilliant, smoky quartz
  • Earrings, pendants: red gold,
    brilliant, smoky quartz underlaid with mother-of-pearl /
    mink necklace
  • Rings: red gold,
    brilliant, moonstone
  • Pendant: red gold, black diamond,
    moon stone hearts
  • Rings: yellow gold, brilliant, white
    moonstone / red gold, brilliant, moonstone
  • Ring: yellow gold, brilliant / Pendant: yellow gold,
    brilliant / red gold, opal, brilliant, leather neckband

ur imaginative collection
creating your happiest moments.

lucky look

Jewelry should give pleasure and express emotions. Display your personality through the beauty and energy of large colored stones. Whether purplish red, earth brown or pure white, the hues of happiness are infinite.