• Inspire Your Fire:
    Ohrringe, Ring, Anhänger: Rotgold,
    Brillanten, Mandarin Granate
    Collier: schwarze Brillanten
  • One Five:
    Steckbare Ringe: Weißgold, Brillanten,
    Amethyste, pinke Saphire, Rubellite
  • Fab Frogs:
    Ringe: Gelb- oder Roségold, farbige Brillanten,
    Diamanten, Tsavorite, Turmaline, fancy Saphire
  • Rings: yellow gold, citrine /
    white gold, topaz /
    rose gold, amethyst
  • Rings: rose and white gold,
    in part black rhodium-plated,
    morganite, brilliant / rose and white gold,
    in part black rhodium-plated,
    golden beryl, brilliant / white gold,
    Paraiba tourmaline, brilliant
  • Rings: yellow gold, lemon citrine /
    yellow gold, brilliant, lemon citrine /
    white gold, topaz / white gold, topaz,
    brilliant / rose gold, amethyst
  • Earrings, ring, pendant:
    rose gold, brilliant, amethyst

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Taste has no rules. Good taste does: it combines the parts to form an impressive whole. Buchwald's colored cabochons are the spices that excite the appetite for more: after all, the rings themselves can form a composition.