• Flower Power:
    Ringe: Gelbgold, Brillanten, Tsavorite, Citrin /
    Gelbgold, Tsavorite, Lemon Citrin /
    Roségold, Brillanten, Tsavorite, Amethyst
  • Armband: Rotgold, Brillanten,
    Amethyste, Rubellite, Rubine
  • Ring: Rotgold, Brillanten,
    Tsavorite, Mondstein
  • Ring, earrings: white and rose gold,
    brilliant, tourmaline, Tahitian cultured pearls
  • Rings: white gold, brilliant, beryl /
    yellow gold, brilliant, beryl
  • Rings: rose gold, brilliant, morganite /
    white gold, brilliant, aquamarine
  • Ring: white gold, in part black rhodium-plated
    brilliant, black diamond, rubellite
  • Ring: red gold, morganite,
    brilliant, amethyst
  • Rings: rose and white gold, brilliant, morganite /
    yellow gold, brilliant, beryl and golden beryl /
    white gold, brilliant, aquamarine

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culture club

Welcome to the club! Enjoy "finger food" for the eyes. Buchwald was always a byword for rings with the confidence to display what they are made of: imposing colored stones in interplay with diamonds. Their immediate effect is to draw the gaze, the next is desire.